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Reflections:Stopped Smoking – What Next? Fitness

Article from BUNEWS Megazine…May 2549

Reflections: Stopped Smoking – What Next? Fitness
by Mr.Neil Saville English Language Instructor, Language Institute
Ok, you’ve done the easiest thing: made the actual decision to quit smoking. That was several days ago and don’t your friends just know it … you’re so grumpy all the time! However, although you may not realize it, several benefits are beginning to accrue such as reduced body toxin levels, better blood circulation and increased lung capacity – all of which lead to an increased energy level. Not least, your scarce student budget is stretching that little bit further!

But now the difficult part begins; staying quit. One of the greatest reasons people fail to ‘kick the habit’ is because they don’t substitute their habitual, time-consuming practice of smoking for something else. One of the best ways to use your time and increasing energy levels is by starting to keep fit. Cynics among you may say that’s just like trying to revise during Songkran – an impossible ‘double whammy’? Well, it needn’t be. It comes down to having realistic expectations and setting achievable targets. The following step-by-step programme focuses on two areas most likely to have been affected by your smoking habit – lung capacity and cardiovascular health:

* STEP 1 – PLAN: This is important to ensure that you have created a space within your daily schedule to do your exercise. Additionally, you should ensure you have the right equipment (e.g. Proper training shoes).

* STEP 2 – SET A DATE: Setting a date to start the programme will help to build motivation and allow the necessary time to prepare – e.g. gauging your starting fitness or finding a good jogging route.

* STEP 3 – SET REALISTIC GOALS: If you’ve not exercised for some time, be realistic about what you can achieve and by when – set achievable goals and a realistic deadline. Write them down in a training diary.

* STEP 4 – KEEP A DIARY: This is an important motivator and will help as a ‘self-checker’ to keep you alert – especially if you start missing a few training sessions. The training diary allows you to compare workouts and find out if you’re getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

* STEP 5 – MONITOR: To help you stay on track, first establish your fitness level then periodically re-test yourself. For example, time yourself to see how long it takes to run a circular route. Then repeat the test every 3 weeks to see if you’re improving.

* STEP 6 – COPING STRATEGIES: At times you may not feel like exercising, so try a change to your routine. This may involve going dancing (not in a smoke-filled nightclub!) instead of the cardiovascular side of your exercises or perhaps doing the exercises to music.

* STEP 7 – NUTRITION (Not diet!): Eliminate snacks such as crisps, cakes, chocolate, peanuts etc.

     อย่างที่รู้ๆกันว่า เป็นการยากที่ใครซักคนจะเลิกสูบบุหรี่ นี่ก็เป็นอีกวิธีนึงที่เราจะไม่หันกลับมาแวะเวียนไปสูบอีก และอีกอย่างนึงก็คือความเข็มแข็งทางจิตใจของบุคคล ที่คุณเองพร้อมจะก้าวออกจากโทษร้ายแรงของบุหรี่ได้ไหม แล้วอย่าลืมสดงความยินดีกับตัวคุณเองในทุกขั้นตอนของการเลิก และบอกมันแก่คนรอบข้างของคุณ มันจะเป็นสิ่งหนึ่งที่เขาจะร่วมยินดีไปกับคุณ

   —ถ้าแปลไม่ออกเดี๋ยวจะมาแปลให้นะ และเป็นกำลังใจให้ผู้ที่คิดจะเลิกสูบทุกคน —


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